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Ha-Ey submitted Shutter Stop as a competition entry for Anise Gallery, exploring flexible co working and art gallery spaces, in South London.

The contemporary art gallery, invited design proposals for a temporary creative mini-hub for the plot, which included a 1970s industrial unit and a late 19th century chapel.

The brief included feature offices, a flexible exhibition space and an external element that made a visual statement within the streetscape.

Shutter stop is an alternative construction system that incorporates panel and shutter principles to create a myriad of adaptable space combinations. Creating a lean, transformative design which extends the usable life of a disused industrial space.

Anise Gallery, SE23

Sustainable development was our focus when designing the adaptive co-working space in Forest Hill. Repurposing spaces and encouraging adaptation of existing buildings is key to a low carbon future. This is not only good for the global environment but also stimulates our local communities.

Ethically sourced timber shutters open and close, allowing an office to transform into an arts space, with foldable elements serving as tables and large panels as display surfaces.

The internal visual language is continued externally with a slatted weathered steel façade that opens and closes to connect interior and exterior spaces. Areas of planting in the moveable façade also encourages wildlife, and fosters a connection to nature, whilst establishing a public identity within the urban context.

Ha-Ey’s reactive and fluid design adapts to the changing needs and demands of a co-working hub and contemporary arts space, enabling an open dialogue between architecture and the end user.

“We are looking to establish a new creative mini-hub targeting architecture and related industries who are in their start-up years. The end goal would be to develop a nomadic and cross disciplined work space.”

Jacquelyn Jubert, Anise Gallery

Ha-Ey Services

Architectural Design Services Stages 2
Concept and Design Development

Project details

Location: Forest Hill, London, UK
Client: Anise Gallery
Architecture: Ha-Ey
Structural Design: Ha-Ey

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