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As part of the re-configuration and renovation of their top floor Hampstead Victorian Mansion Block we created a roof terrace for our client to entertain and make the most of the city skyline.

Having worked on the structural design of two flats lower in the building Ha-Ey worked with RYE Design to make several internal alterations to the property and created a new floating terrace above the roof with new access and circulation routes and skylights to bring light into centre of the property.

Ha-Ey carried out early assessment to work through options to reconfigure the internal spaces, with a strategic use of steel framing and timber strengthening. A new timber stair was co-ordinated and design to provide a link to the previously unreachable rooftop.

Canfield Gardens, NW6

A new steel deck was designed and detailed by Ha-Ey to float above the roof with supports to pass through the roof plane and to be supported off strengthened timber load bearing walls below, avoiding the need to carry out costly strengthening and alteration the existing roof.

New decking and seating areas at roof level has been incorporated, with glass skylight which can be walked on to gain additional light into the internal spaces of the flat.

To address planning constraints within the local conservation area a motorised glazed box can slide back to permit access to the new roof terrace, minimising the intervention height and concealing the terrace from street level. Steelwork was carefully detailed for the tight specification and deflection criteria needed for smooth operation.

The new terrace makes the most of previously inaccessible space and the client a large external space to entertain and enjoy the skyline.

Ha-Ey Services

Structural Design Stages 1-6
Steel framing and timber design.
Timber and masonry repairs
Timber strengthening
Temporary works advise and review
Steel connection design and detailing
Site and progress monitoring

Project details

Location: Hampstead, London, UK
Client: Private Client
Architecture & Interiors: RYE Design
Structural Design: Ha-Ey
Contractor: House of Blake
Photographs: GG Archard

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