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We offer a tailored design service that begins with getting to know the individual ambition of our clients. During early discussions, we agree on a spatial brief, budget and timescale for each project. Every building or space is different, and this initial discussion works to clarify design parameters and scope of work.

Our process is built on collaboration. We believe dialogue is the key to enriching the design and delivery process, so we always bring clients directly to the table of our design decision making. In this way, we are able to craft designs that are truly distinct to future users.

Ha-Ey offers a tailored, personal service that helps clients navigate through the lifespan of project each step at a time, from unpacking a brief and translating it into a visual concept, to achieving planning permission, and overseeing all activities on site. We oversee projects, following the RIBA specified stages, substituting the typical design-and-build format with a uniquely holistic approach.

Our designs are developed and executed with consideration of space, time and budget, offering achievable solutions that are defined by quality and flair.

We place significant focus on the durability and endurance of a building, and understanding what that means for individual projects is crucial to our practice. We create spaces, influenced by WELL Standards and Healthy Homes, which is a credential that signifies knowledge in human health and wellness in the built environment, so that each of our projects benefits from improved air quality and thermal comfort. We also use low volatile organic compounds (VOC) and natural materials where possible, to create a nourishing, toxic-free indoor environment.

Ha-Ey’s aim is to make spaces that are representative of our clients’ visions and provide functional solutions to everyday needs.


The Answers You Need

We work with all sizes and scales of project. We are based in London, but we work everywhere.

Is my project too small for Ha-Ey?

Every project is unique and costs can vary depending on the level of intervention and finish. Ha-Ey can provide cost consultancy as a complimentary service, establishing cost certainty at an early stage and throughout the tender process.

Is my budget big enough?

We provide a tailored approach with inherent flexibility, offering architectural and structural design services simultaneously and separately. Our services can be all-inclusive or selectively focused, depending on the nature of project.
We also undertake landscape and interior design as additional services.

Can I appoint Ha-Ey for stand-alone services?

Our focus is making the process of delivering a building or space more humane, straightforward, and palatable. This process takes time, but our team at Ha-Ey can work to accelerated programmes if needed. A few external constraints to consider are:

  • Planning submission feedback can take typically 8-12 weeks depending on the scale of development.

  • Party Wall Matters may take 6-8 weeks to negotiate.

  • Material and product lead times vary depending on specification.

  • Building Control assessment can take place prior to works starting or during the build process.

How long does the process take?

Ha-Ey can advise on the most appropriate Building Contract and provide Contract Administration as a complimentary service. This includes issuing variations to contractor works, handling payments between client and contractor, issuing making good and final certificates.

Do I instruct the contractor to undertake the work?

Design process


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