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Located in a 1950s purpose built block in the leafy neighbourhood of Forest Hill in South London. This spacious apartment was previously a cramped, dark and fragmented space.

The brief was to establish an efficient and seamless design. With a key focus on areas of circulation.


The 58sqm first floor home underwent a significant internal redesign. Living areas were meticulously transformed into open plan spaces with the removal of separating doors and partitions.

The existing kitchen and living room had a confined and compartmentalised layout. Deep counter tops arranged in a gang-way style made meal preparation difficult as a family.

Honor Oak Road, 

Ha-Ey’s design made best use of the kitchen’s restrictive space by establishing slimline cabinetry and designing multi-functional surfaces with sliding door and tray mechanisms.

A minimalist attitude was adopted with a select colour and material palette to encourage a calm visual composition within the micro kitchen. The contrast between light and dark materials was embraced and celebrated with oak accents, black Fenix countertops and matt grey wall and floor tiles.

In addition to the wider interior design proposals, Ha-Ey worked closely with a kitchen specialist and developed a bespoke joinery package. This allowed the cabinetry and storage solutions to be perfectly formed to the kitchen, ensuring a streamline, efficient organisation.

The reconfiguration of the micro kitchen with ergonomic details established a more compact and efficient use of space. These design interventions were thoughtfully incorporated at the early stages of design and allowed a small space to be both comfortable and purposeful.

Ha-Ey Services

Architectural Design Services Stages 2 – 5
Concept and Design Development
Technical Detailing
Bespoke Joinery Package
Interior Design
On-Site Management

Project details

Location: Honor Oak, London, UK
Client: Private Client
Architecture: Ha-Ey
Structural Design: Ha-Ey

Fabrication: Robin Grasby, Altrock

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