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In collaboration with Cutwork design studio, based in Paris, Ha-Ey developed a proposal for the architectural concept and spatial identity for a new co-living brand in Lyon, France, by Bouygues Immobilier.

The rise in popularity of co-working has been driven by the demand for flexible commercial space, allowing open interaction and natural networking opportunities. Co-living is an extension of this concept, offering more than just a space to sleep and eat, but a lifestyle and opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals.

Koumkwat presents an innovative approach towards mixed-use development reflecting the co-living and co-working needs of modern occupiers.  


Alongside external and internal shared community spaces offering affordable employment space, the brief focused on the design of 108 compact and versatile multi-use apartments.

Koumkwat, Lyon

Within the proposed accommodation, each occupant would have their own private room that includes a sleeping area, private bathroom, living area and compact kitchen facilities.

The Metabolist Movement pushed the efficiency of modular space to the perimeter edges of a room, with deep walls housing shelving and collapsible parts. Ha-Ey reversed this concept, designing the apartment layouts around centri-fugal movement.

Ha-Ey’s apartment prototype utilises smart compact design with modular folding elements for versatility and multi-usage, incorporating interior elements to adapt space throughout the day and encourage communality.

“We are seeing developers realize that blocks with a diversity of functions are far more valuable than a building of a single type of space. We believe the future is shared and see blocks combining more and more types of space into one, such as coworking and coliving spaces.”

Antonin Yuji Maeno, Cutwork

Ha-Ey Services

Architectural Design Services Stages 1 – 2
Concept and Design Development

Project details

Location: Lyon, France
Client: Cutwork & Bouygues Immobilier
Architecture: Ha-Ey

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