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A new 12-story reinforced concrete apartment building providing high quality homes in the London commuter belt town of Woking.

The developer and contractor client Midguard acquired the site to deliver the design and construction of this new concrete apartment building. Ha-Ey have been appointed to support the client as a third party checker of the structural design of the main concrete frame and have carried out the design and optimisation of foundations, piles caps ground bearing slabs.

Ha-Ey are working to carry out Category III checking of the 12 story primary concrete frame and review the primary engineers design. Detailed report and specification reviews have been undertaken to validate the concrete design, load criteria and specifications.

Woking Apartments, GU21

Ha-Ey have been appointed to carry out the reinforced concrete design of key elements: pile caps, core foundations, ground floor slabs and check upper level transfers.

The client sees the opportunity that the building presents to test alternative low carbon solutions such as low cement concrete with the hope to employ these across their project and make a positive move towards a low carbon future.


Reinforcement options are being tested including fibre reinforcement to reduce total steel tonnages. Ha-Ey are looking at the detailed technical specifications and designs to support the clients R&D team.

By using advanced structural analysis Ha-Ey have been able to optimise reinforcement striping redundancy out of the structure.

The building is a test bed for low carbon concrete solutions, alternative reinforcement options and a close design team to reducing structural redundancy in direct response to the Climate Emergency

Ha-Ey Services

Structural Design Stages 4-4.5
Reinforced concrete pile cap and ground slab design
Reinforced concrete slab design
Third party review of structural engineering design
CAT III Style checking of super and substructure design
Review of R&D elements and low carbon solutions

Project details

Location: Woking, UK
Client: Midguard
Structural Design & Checking: Ha-Ey
Primary Structural Design: Midguard
Contractor: Midguard Group

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